What is PoiStory?

PoiStory is a storytelling game born to make you fall in love with world's hidden treasure again.

To gather people against the haze of the indifference that attacks us in daily life, and put creativity and love for discovery in the middle of everyday trips.

Challenges of originality

Participate in creativity challenges and tell about the places you live by posting a Poiphoto: a unique combination of a picture and a creative text.
The more you play the more you can win prizes and storytelling-trips, where you will be a reporter who tell about artistic, cultural and natural heritage around you.

A gaming atmosphere with an unexpected narrative evolution

Start out on an adventure across digital and off-line where the more you're creative the more is your value as an author.
Between misterious clues and space-time paradoxes, your actions can change the future of our world, in a story waiting to be written.

Inspiration and emotion to give the surrouding world a new meaning

Give people new sources of inspiration, help them to recover the emotion of living in everyday places and to discover new incredible destinations.
Tell about your emotions and contribute to give value to the hidden treasures of your home land.

What kind of challenges can I find on PoiStory?

Explore the details of our storytelling challenges:

Poiphoto Contest with Rediscovery Mission option with PoiStory Unplugged option

Press Resources

If you are a reporter or you simply want to write about PoiStory, here you can find a press kit with all you need to start.

Download Press Kit

Who is behind PoiStory?

Here you find the faces of all the people who created and keep PoiStory up every day. We're curious, we love what we do and we're constantly evolving.
Our head-quarter is exactly here, but we're almost everytime around the world.

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PoiStory is in beta version

If you catch some bugs or you encounter any difficulty you can always read the support page or take a look at the technical details about supported devices.