What is a Poiphoto Contest??

A Poiphoto Contest is a challenge about a particular topic, you have to explore it and tell about it through the places you live everyday. Get your curiosity back and look sharply on the details around you!

Players tell about places related to the challenge's topic by posting Poiphotos, usually without any particular geographic limitation but with a set of more or less strict requirements about how to do the picture and the creative text.

The challenge lasts a certain set of days. At the end, there is a voting stage.

Winning poiphotos are decided by a jury, composed by a group of expert (e.g. professional people related to that topic or geographical region) or, more frequently, by the so called "popular jury" (all the registered users).
In some case both the juries, and the votes of each of them award different prizes to the authors of the winning poiphotos, in other cases the last word is up to the jury of expert (the popular jury just indicate its favourite poiphotos, but then the jury of expert can decide what it want).

If some poiphotos get equal votes and each are placed on the podium, then the organizer can start a playoff: usually the playoff lasts 24hours more to let the jury decide the final standing.

Participate in a Poiphoto Contest and:

  • you can win gadgets;
  • you can earn bonus points for your Vitality, Author Level and Cartographer Level;
  • and above all you can tell the world how many hidden treasures there are is the places around you and you can give inspiration to other people like you!