What is a PoiStory Unplugged?

A PoiStory Unplugged is a slow-tech experience that let you re-discover the territory and get in tune with places without the hurry and the distractions of the digital!

It's a particular Poiphoto Contest that becomes an event-challenge, just a few authors can participate in, and it's an off-line exploration of a place that means without accessing the Internet for an entire afternoon. Participants are asked to switch off their devices and put them in dedicated box, we give them all they need (a digital camera, pen and paper, etc.) to catch the emotions and the spots they discover during the visit. At the end of the afternoon, they can share their discovery by posting how many Poiphotos they like.

The event is composed by two different stages.

Selecting the authors who can participate in a PoiStory Unplugged

To participate in an Unplugged, an author must have a Magnet and to get a Magnet there is only two ways:

  • Direct registration to the event

    The organizer decides the maximum number of participants and gives a Magnet for free to each of them. An author must simply register to the event to get his/her on Magnet.

  • Victory in a Scounting challenge

    When the organizer focuses on quality, magnets are given just to the authors who win a Scouting Challenge.
    An author can participate in this challenge with just one Poiphoto that is related to the required theme and authors who receive the highest amount of Likes on PoiStory during the challenge period win a magnet.
    An author who wins a magnet in a Scouting Challenge but then does not participate in the Unplugged keeps the magnet and can use it another Unplugged (depending on the available seats).

The PoiStory Unplugged event

Someone of the PoiStory team will get in touch with you (and with all other authors who have a magnet) by email to give you further information on the event, once the list is decided and everything is ready: let's start!

At the right day, get to the meeting point. We'll ask you to disconnect, that means to switch off every device you have that can be connected to the Internet and put each of them in a dedicated box, that will be sealed. You will bring this box with you, but you'll have leave it sealed until the end of the challenge.

Don't worry, we'll give you everything you need: digital camera, paper, pen, event's gadget and information about creative and geographical requirements of the challenge.

At that point, the challenge begins: you have a certain amount of hours to visit the places of the challenge, to take your picture and write down thoughts and sensations. You can move freely, observe and live the atmosphere and the colours around you with no distractions.

At the decided time, you will have to get back to the meeting point: we'll break the box lock and everybody's online again.

Then, you have all the time you need (also in the following days) to transform what you have collected in a digital story: publish how many Poiphoto you can!

An happy-hour "social merenda" will close the event and will start the voting stage!

Why should you participate in a PoiStory Unplugged?

Because there are several little reason to do it:

  1. you slow down your life rythms, at least for a while;
  2. you fight against your habit to share stuff online before you live the experience itself;
  3. you fight against distraction, and you decrease the cognitive load you are forced to;
  4. you get some free hours to get in a real tune with places, without worrying to be somehwere else (nobody will call or text you, and you won't receive notifications by no one);
  5. you will meet other people like you live, people who love to get lost and explore the world;
  6. you will have the opportunity to ask people you meet in the street for information, rather then ask to your smartphone;
  7. you will have to opporunity to take a break from the velocity of your task and responsibility, by doing something that, however it may be, it will surely enrich you as a person;

If you still have any doubts: get in touch with us by email or on our social newtorks, we'll be very very happy to answer to all your questions!