PoiStory uses cookies to offer yuo a more efficient, engaging, quick and safe experience. Here we explain you which cookies you receive while using our site.
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What are cookies?

Cookies are small lightweight files that website store on your computer while you browse the Internet. As many other websites, PoiStory uses cookies to provide you with a more efficient and satisfying experience, and to discover how people use PoiStory's tools in order to improve them.

What do PoiStory's cookies are needed for?

PoiStory uses cookies for two simple reasons:

  • to recognize you every time you get back to the website and avoid you to re-login, if you want it;
  • to recognize you (once you login) and remember your settings to make your experience with PoiStory as you want it to be.

We don't perform profilation of you and other users, and we don't perform an automatic personalization of your experience.
We do our best to not grab you in a filter bubble based on what our algorithms think you are. If you realize the this happens and you think it depends on our use of cookies, please tell us quickly, we'll be very thankful to you.

Do I receive cookies by othe services (e.g. Facebook, Google, ..) while using PoiStory?

Yes, you do. Every website that uses Google Analytics and/or any other social buttons sends some cookies to your browser.
PoiStory uses the following cookies for these particular reasons:

  • Google
    You'll receive Google cookies because we use:
    - GoogleAnalytics to understand in anonymous form how people use PoiStory and improve our user experience;
    - the GoogleMaps API to let you explore PoiStory's contents on a map, to help you inserting new Places and, if you allow it, recognize your geographic position;
    - GooglePlus API to let you share PoiStory's contents on Google Plus.
  • Facebook
    You'll receive Facebook cookies because we use Facebook API to:
    - let you login to PoiStory via Facebook;
    - let you access your Facebook pictures (only if you are registered on PoiStory and if you allow our Facebook App to access those pictures);
    - let you share PoiStory's contents on Facebook.
  • Instagram
    You'll receive Instagram cookies because we use Instagram API to:
    - let you login to PoiStory via Instagram;
    - let you access your Instagram pictures (only if you are registered on PoiStory and if you allow our Instagram App to access those pictures);
  • Twitter
    You'll receive Twitter cookies because we use Twitter API to:
    - let you login to PoiStory via Twitter;
    - let you share PoiStory's contents on Twitter.

The reasons why these companies use cookies and other technologies are defined by those companies and PoiStory has nothing to do with them, so please read previous linked pages to know more about it.

We hope our effort helped you.
Italian's law about the use of cookies is very complicated. How many other websites you use every day tell you all these details about their use of cookies? We don't know, but we choose to be as clear and exhaustive as we could.