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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work?

PoiStory is a storytelling game designed to make you re-discover hidden treasures around the world, to gather people against the haze of the indifference that attacks us in daily life, and put creativity and love for discovery in the middle of every trip, from the daily one to the longer travel experience.

During your journey with PoiStory you can take part to several creative challenges, where you have to challenge other people all around the world in telling about places you live, in a creative and original style. To do this, you post one or more Poiphoto: a unique combination of an image and a text.
Every challenge has its own requirements (a theme, geographical areas, etc.) but each challenge wants you to go out of your house and take a look to the world differently, with new eyes, so that you can reflect upon the value of what surrounds you and of the places you live in.
If you win a Challenge you get a point bonus that grows your level as an author, and the more you participate the more you can aspire to win real prizes, from gadgets to holydays (more about prizes). If you prefer, you can post Poiphtos without participating to challenges and your level as author will grow anyway: Challenges just makes all more ispiring and fun, and let you grow you level quickly.

And your journey is also a rout across the digital and the off-line world, where your creativity and the inspiration you can give to people makes the poet in you bloom and your level as an author grow up. It is a walk through misterious clues and space-time paradoxes, where each of your actions can change the reality of tomorrow: a story that just wait to be written.
From this point of view, PoiStory is close to what is called Mixed-Reality Games and that's its nature: it wants to stimulate your wondering spirit in every moment of your daily life. The world where we live hides a lot of beauty: we need different eyes to discover it.

What are Vitality, Author and Cartographer level?

On PoiStory you participate in Challenges by posting Poiphoto, a new kind of content that pit an image and a creative text together with a precise geolocalization of the place they are telling about. This mix allows those who play the game to develop different skills depending on their spirit, and that's why there are different role each having a different scale o levels.

  • Author
    The more you post Poiphotos the more your Author level grows. Moreover, if other authors like your Poiphotos (your receives Likes, votes in challenges, or also you win challenges) your Author level grows quickly, because you demonstrate you're able to inspire others. To increase your Author level you just have to post new Poiphotos and, if you participate in challenges and you win, you get extra Author bonus points.
  • Cartografo
    Emotions are hidden in particular places and not only into mainstream points of interest, so if during your journey you post Poiphotos on places that are not already marked on PoiStory's map your Cartographer level grows. Perhaps you are not a poet nor a inspired photographer, but your sixth sense brings you to catch the emotion of unusual places, then your help in fighting against the haze of indifference and apathy will be rewarded. Once you've discovered a new place you let other people to go there and tell about it their way, and that's the job of an explorer looking for new places of inspiration!
  • Vitalità
    The more you participate to PoiStory in general (by posting Poiphotos, participate in Challenges, expressing what you like or dilike, posting comments, etc.) the more your Vitality level grows.
    Though, fighting againt the haze of indifference means to take sometime for creativity and inspiration every day. Therefore, your participation keeps your Vitality level high and do good to everyone: people get insipired from your activity on PoiStory and our community keeps its passionate spirit alive and growing.
    Otherwise, if you stop giving inspiration for a long time, then the haze gain upon the humanity. During your absence, your vitality drops, but don't be afraid, it doesn't take much to get back and clear the haze again.

Every level of these different roles has its own name, that becomes a sign of your skills within PoiStory.

What is a brooch? How can I get one?

This is one of the mistery of PoiStory, you'll discover what brooches are as long as you find'em in your gaming journey.

What is a challenge?

It's an opportunity to free your originality: get inspired by its creative requirements and let yourself discover the world with a different spirit.
Currently, there are four kind of challenges on PoiStory:

  • Step by Step challenges: are challenges among you and the system, that you can do whenever you like and that you win just if you complete all the steps specified in the challenge. Some of these challenges requires you to do all the steps in a defined order, others let you freedom. Some of them tell you all the required step immediately, others let you discover the next step as you complete the current one.
  • Poiphoto Contests: they're multiplayer challenges where each author aims to get the point bonus and the prizes (if any) by submitting his/her Poiphoto (discover what is a Poiphoto). Winning Poiphotos are decided by a jury, that could be composed by a selected group of experts (professionals or people related to the challenge's theme or place) or could be the popular jury (all authors of the community). In some case both the jury can be present, and each of them decide who's the winner of different prizes, or it is the jury of expert who decide the winning poiphotos (by considering the vote of the popular jury as a preference). Discover more »
  • Rediscovery Missions: they are missions that aim to creatively re-evaluate some places that are snubbed and ignored with no right by the turistic and cultural promotion. They works as Poiphoto Contests (having points bonus and prizes) with just an important difference: submitted Poiphotos have to be about one of the places indicated in the Challenge, and not any places. The goal of a Rediscovery Mission is to lead you outside to rediscover some specific places of the area you live in, places that you don't know although you walk close to them everyday, with the aim of let you slow down and savour their atmosphere.
    As for the Contest, a jury decide winning Poiphotos through a vote. Discover more »
  • PoiStory Unplugged: they're slow-tech event-challenges, just a few authors can participate in, and it's an off-line exploration of a place that means without accessing the Internet for an entire afternoon. Participants are asked to switch off their devices and put them in dedicated box we give them all they need (a digital camera, pen and paper, etc.) to catch the emotions and the spots they discover during the visit. At the end of the afternoon, they can share their discovery by posting how many Poiphotos they like. Discover more »

Currently the most part of the Challenges are organized by PoiStory's team, sometimes with the help of a Master.
But the most interesting phase is coming soon: we're planning new challenges in partnerships with organizations and brands who wants to enhance the value of their territory and of the cultural heritage they are related to. If you want to organize a Challenge about themes or places of your concern, please discover what PoiStory can do for your brand or email us now at!

What are point bonus?

Every Challenge raffles one or more Point Bonus, that are assigned to the authors of the winning Poiphotos.
There can be point bonus in each of the game's role depending on that Challenge's requirements. In general, there is always at least a Vitality bonus as a prize.

What kind of prizes can I win by participating?

By participating in our Challenges you can sometime win real prizes.
The most part of PoiStory's Challenges give to the athors of winning Poiphotos some gadgets related to travel and/or the challenge's theme. Sometimes, as in the Challenges organized by external brands, playing authors can win the opportunity to join the brand's team in storytelling trips or other initiative for the promotion of a territory. These activities, organized and managed by external brands, aims to let PoiStory's authors take the role of travel reporter, also collaborating with other professionals.

Each Challenges you win makes you gain a point bonus related to the game roles' levels.

Moreover, authors who win a Scouting for PoiStory Unplugged get a Magnet that allow them to take part in a PoiStory Unplugged.

What is a Scounting for PoiStory Unplugged?

It is a challenge where winner authors are awarded with the right to participate in PoiStory Unplugged (more details about how it works).

The scouting lasts a range of time and the authors of the Poiphotos that gain the high score in terms of Likes received during the challenging period win a Magnet, that give them the right to participate in an Unplugged The amount of magnets available in a Challenge may vary each time.

What is a Magnet for Unplugged?

It is an object of the gaming world of PoiStory that allows you to participate in a PoiStory Unplugged. To get a Magnet you have to win a Scouting for PoiStory Unplugged (more on how it works).

A Magnet can be used just once, and then it disappear from your Storybag (it will be re-magnetized by PoiStory: yes, nothing get wasted in the digital too, we love recycling!). To get another one you have to win another Scouting for Unplugged, and every Magnet you get is valid for a participation to un Unplugged, until you use it.

What happens if two Poiphotos get the same amount of votes in a challenge?

Usually we start a playoff and the jury's member have 24 hours more to vote one (or more) of the Poiphotos in the playoff. This playoff can be re-started again if the situation doesn't get to a final standings.

In some Challenges, depending on prizes and requirements, the organizer can choose to allow more Poiphotos to be rewared without start a playoff. For example, the organizer can choose to assign to just one Poiphoto the first place, and to more than one the second place. In these cases, the standings criteria is specified in the official rules of the Challenge.

The Scouting for PoiStory Unplugged are based on the amount of Likes received and, if two Poiphotos receives the same score (and there's no Magnet available for all depending on the coming PoiStory Unplugged) another Scouting challenge between the authors of those Poiphotos may beh started.

Why some Poiphotos cannot be submitted to certain challenges?

It depends on the Challenge's rules.
Some Challenge requires Poiphotos to be about specific places, therefore the system excludes from the list of your submittable Poiphotos those that do not match there requirements.
Furthermore,Poiphotos that already won a Challenge cannot be used again in other Challenges: if your Poiphoto won a challenge it has already taken a role in the story, and it won't be fair respect to other author if you might win another challenge with an already winning Poiphoto.

What is a C"hallenge Master"?

Sometimes the organizer cannot manage all the details of a Challenge, so a PoiStory user assume the role of Challenge Master. A Master is the one who defines the theme of a challenge, its requirements, duration and voting mechanisms, title and cover, so helping the organizer to shape it and engage people.
It's a particular role in th game that can be assigned by request of the organizer to whom, among the most active authors, demonstrate to be a good storyteller respect to a territory or a particular theme.
Would you like to be a Challenge Master? Well, since we're in beta the only way to do it is to . If your idea is original and it can work, we'll contact you back to start organizing your challenge.

What is a Poiphoto?

It is the main content of PoiStory. It's composed by:

  • A picture to catch and share the emotion of the moment;
  • A creative text to tell about your feeling in a poetic and original style;
  • A title that expresses the essence of your work of art;
  • The place where you are in that moment;

Furthermore, you can specify also:

  • One or more links to blor or websites (yours or by other people) that can be useful for futrher reading about that point of interests;
  • The Tweet text that can be used when someone would like to share your Poiphoto on the Web.

The essence of a Poiphoto is to give an emotion to a stranger, so let yourself go and free all your creative spirit. Best Poiphotos are those who comes from an emotion, when you become one with your sensation and then let the words flow out as they come.

Can I post a Poiphoto and don't submit it to a Challenge? Why would I want to do this?

Of course you can, and there a lot of good reason to do it!
First of all you free your creativity: you have the opportunity tell about the story of a moment, a story with a context and a value, rather than quickly posting a photo by itself on a social network platform and let it disappear among selifes and lolcats.

Giving your social-network's friends a Poifoto rather then a usual image is different: you can transform a post in a source of inspiration and you can add links to further reading about a place (instead of a picture without references and no context).
Moreover, if you are a blogger, a Poiphoto allows you to promote your articles in a different and creative ways, why don't try it?

Furthermore, posting a Poiphoto independently from the Challenges allows you to increase your Author and Cartographer score, and having higher levels you can aspire to participate in more important Challenges, with greater prizes.

Why can I also do "Dislike"?

Why shouldn't you do it? If you don't like a Poiphoto, why should you just do nothing and stay there as an anonymous observer? On PoiStory youcan express your liking in a precise way and indicate the reason why you don't like a Poiphoto:

  • Personal taste: you know it's your personal taste and you know other people may like that Poiphoto, but there are good reason to tell the author you don't like it (tip: leave a comment too);
  • It's not a Poiphoto: it's spam, a selfie or off topic: to say that in your opinion that content is off topic, it's an attempt to advertise something or anyway it doesn't have a sense within the other Poiphotos (this is also the perfect way to signal Selfies, that are appropriated in other context in the Internet, but they don't tell a story about a place, so they're not exactly Poiphotos);
  • It's trivial, already seen, doesn't inspire me: to say that in your opinion it takes more than that to inspire you;
  • It offends me: to signal that somehow a Poiphoto offends your sensibility;
  • It's copied and/or a copywright violation: to signal that the author is not the real author of the picture or of the creative text (in this case, if someone of our team doesn't get in touch with you by a couple of day, please send us an email).

Pay attention please: the Dislike button is not a way to vent your anger or envy! This tool helps to improve quality and minimize everything that is trivial, already seen and with poor creativity.
Please: make good usr of it!

Can I organize a Challenge?

Of course you can: get in touch with us and we will organize it together to promote your land and the themes you love!

Why there are challenges where only some authors can vote?

Sometimes a Challenge is focused on certain creative side or meaning in the Poiphotos, so we choose just a few authors to be part of the an ad-hoc jury. In these cases, ususally a jury of expert is formed to decide the final standings and another popular jury suggests the Poiphotos more liked by the community, and the experts might consider this popular standings in ther decision (bu they're not obliged to do it).
Though, in the most part of the challenges the final standings is decided by the popular jury, composed by all the authors with an account.
Therefore, if you are a registered user and you don't see the button to vote a Poiphoto, probably is because you haven't login yet (so do it now!).
If, instead, you've already logged in there are two cases: (a) the voting stage is over, (b) you're looking at a Poiphoto of yours, and obviously you cannot vote yourself: on PoiStory this doesn't make sense.

Does PoiStory use cookie? Why?

Yes, it does. For all the details please read the page about how we use Cookies.

Why does PoiStory doesn't work properly on on my device?

Perhaps you're using a device or a browser that we do not (partially or totally) support yet. Discover more about the beta version and our support of devices.