PoiStory is in BETA verion

Play, participate and let us know what you think about it!

We have a lot of ideas for new features: with your feedbacks you can make PoiStory much more fun and engaging.

A system in beta version is in progressively evolution, every day we fix problems and bugs and we improve PoiStory's functionalities. Therefore, you feedbacks can help us to do a better job and to make PoiStory a better place: don't hesitate to tell us about your ideas and your experience with the site.

Supported devices and browsers

We do the best we can to make it works on every devices connected to the Internet, but we focused our efforts on the most largely used ones.

Here you can find the list of devices and browser where we tested PoiStory
You don't use one of these you may encounter some difficulties in using some of our website's tools, but don't worry: we're doing our best to extend this list and eliminate the glitches.

Browser on Notebook and Computer

We tested PoiStory on:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer from version 9 and on (note: version 8 doesn't support some of the technologies of contemporary Web, we highly suggest you to upgrade to a more recent version)

If you use a Netbook (e.g. an eeePC) you'll see a vertical scrollbar in the tool to post a Poiphoto, that makes less nice your visual experience but it allows you to post all information you need with no difficulty.


So far, we tested PoiStory just on iPad and iPad mini. If you use PoiStory on an Android tablet let us know how is it!


We optimized our mobile version for iPhone 5 and for every smartphone that has Android 4.x.
On all others operating systems you must view and browse PoiStory's pages easily, but you might find some difficulties in posting contents because some of the technologies we use are not entirely supported by them.

Furthermore, when you use a browser on a Smartphone you notice that PoiStory's user interface seems like a native app interface.
This is because we tried to make your mobile experience coherent with your interaction habits. Though, PoiStory is actually a responsive website and cannot have the same speed and fluidity of a native app, but don't worry: we're working on a PoiStory App, dedicated to make your gaming experience more easy and engaging.